Blinklight has been mothballed. It was a visual learning environment for people wanting to understand FPGAs, and it looked like this:

Postmortem: it was divided up into sections, with each section having a challenge at the end before you could move on to the next - 2,000 people started the chapter; 70 people finished it.

Where to from here? I'm still very interested in creating an "on-ramp" for FPGAs - I think it's critical for the open source community to have control of their own hardware down to the gate, and for that to happen it needs to be easy for newcomers to get started. I have a clear idea on how to strip Blinklight back down to the basics and deliver on that goal in a much better way.

Right now I'm busy splitting out the backend architecture that I developed for Blinklight (I think it deserves to stand on its own), but after that I would love to return to this particular coal face :)

Thank you to everyone who tried Blinklight out, and I hope to see you again some day.